1 IQAC (Internal quality Assurance cell) Dr. R.Rajalakshmi HOD, PG & Research Department of computer Science
Mr.S. Prakash HOD, PG & Research Department of English
2 Registered Alumni Association Mr.R.Sivakumar Head- Department of Chemistry
3 Women’s Redressal Cell Dr.S.Meena Head-Department of Tamil
4 Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell Ms. T.S Nirmala Head – Department of computer Application
5 Students Grievances Redressal Cell Dr.N.Kiruthiga Head- Department of Biotechnology
6 Career and Placement Cell Dr. R. Venkatesh Kumar Head- Department of Social work
7 Anti-Ragging Cell Dr.G.Velusamy Head – Department of Zoology
8 Research Council Cell Dr.S.Ramachandran Head-Department of Physics
9 Entrepreneur Development Cell Dr. R .Kumaresan Head- Department of Commerce
10 IPR Cell Dr.A.Deva Asst. Prof. - Department of Zoology
11 Yoga and Meditation Mr.C.Vijayanand Physical Director
Mrs.T.Prema Physical Director
12 Centre For E- Learning Mr. M.Murugadass Asst. Prof.- Department of Computer Science
13 Bridge Courses programme Dr. G.Vimala Asst. Prof.- Department of Commerce
14 SC/ST/OBC and Minority Cell Sakthivel Head & Asst. Prof.- Department of BCA
15 NSS & Red cross society Dr. M.Jegan Head - Department of commerce
Mr.I.Stephen Victor Antony Asst. Prof. - Department of Computer Science
Mr.R.Saravanan Asst. Prof. – Department of English
16 Fine Arts Club Dr. M.Jegan Head - Department of commerce
17 ECO Club Dr.P.Vijayakanth Asst. Prof. – Department of Botany
18 Sports Club Mr.C.Vijayanand Physical Director
Mrs.T.Prema Physical Director
19 Library Club Dr.D.Dhanaseelan Librarian
20 Photography Club Mr.M. Anandan Asst. Prof.-Department of Physics
1 Registered Alumni Association View
2 Women’s Redressal Cell View
3 Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell View
4 Students Grievances Redressal Cell View
5 Anti-Ragging Cell View
6 Career and Placement Cell View
7 Research Council Cell View
8 Entrepreneur Development Cell View
9 IPR Cell View
10 Yoga and Meditation View
11 Centre For E- Learning View
12 Bridge Courses programme View
13 SC/ST/OBC and Minority Cell View
14 NSS & Red cross society View
15 Fine Arts Club View
16 ECO Club View
17 Sports Club View
18 Library Club View
19 Photography Club View